Troubleshooting Oracle DB source connector on Kubernetes


The user is facing permission denied issues when trying to upload a custom Dockerfile for the Oracle DB source connector on Kubernetes. They attempted to patch it by changing permissions but were unsuccessful due to Kubernetes PSP enforcing read-only volumes.


Hi, I’m trying to get the Oracle DB source connector running on Kubernetes. But when trying to upload the custom Dockerfile to use our internal Docker Hub registry it fails with Using existing AIRBYTE_ENTRYPOINT: /airbyte/
Waiting on CHILD_PID 7
sh: line 16: /pipes/stderr: Permission denied
Does anyone know how to fix that?

I tried with

FROM _--platform_=linux/amd64 airbyte/source-oracle:0.5.0
USER _root_
RUN _chown_ -R 100:100 /airbyte
RUN _mkdir_ -p /pipes
RUN _chown_ -R 100:100 /pipes
USER _100_
to patch it, but didn’t work as the K8s PSP dictates that volumes are defined as read-only.

I’m using Airbyte version 0.55.40

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