Unable to access Marketing API via Airbyte


Unable to access Marketing API via Airbyte due to missing business_management permission. Question regarding the necessity of business_management permission and receiving ‘permission denied’ error.


We are trying to access via airbyte and we are unable to do so.

What’s the problem?
The APP that I created that has access to the Marketing API does not have this permission and we are unable to bring in campaign data.

For them to connect with Airbyte (integration facilitator), I need the following permissions:

We do not have just `business_management` access and this option does not appear for us. `business_management` is mandatory? We are receiving permission denied.

Airbyte Facebook Marketing version 1.4.2



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These permissions listed have more to do with the app than the access token generation. I think your authentication error has another cause. Maybe double check the app is associated with the ad account you’re trying to fetch?