Unable to render Issues Fields in Jira connector where Amazon S3 or AWS Redshift is used as destination

I have created a connection using Jira as source & S3 (using Amazon S3) as destination.

I have enabled toggle “Render Issue Fields” in Jira configuration. & selecting stream “Issue fields” from fetched schema for replication.

When I replicate data at my destination, this toggle has no effect on the data. Data is same with or without enabling this toggle.

Can anyone assist me how can I get the functioning for this? Does it have to do anything with the destination?
I simply need some guidance to understand the functioning of this toggle in Jira connector & how can i acheive it?

Hi @MahakUrooj,
Could you please share your sync logs and an example of a record stored in the raw table? I’d be curious to check how the renderedBody field looks in the raw data, before normalization.