Using Airbyte for API calls and data synchronization


Airbyte evaluation for bulk data synchronization to a data lake and making API calls on behalf of customers. Question regarding assuming customer credentials for API calls to third-party systems.


Hello! :wave: I’ve been following this project for a few years and I’ve been really impressed with the work. Thanks so much!

Moving question from <#C01AHCD885S|ask-ai> to be sure that we are not missing something…We are evaluating Airbyte. We have two primary uses cases:

  1. The ability to bulk synchronize customer data to a data lake, which Airbyte clearly supports.
  2. Make API calls on behalf of customers against the authorized third-party service.

Consider a Jira integration as an example:

  1. Bulk synchronize all issues into a warehouse
  2. Create an issue inside a project
    Is it possible to assume the customer’s credentials and make API calls to third-party systems or make proxy API calls to third-party systems using Airbyte?

full context with Kapa answer:

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