Using No-Code/Low-Code Connector Builder for Source Only


confirming usability of No-Code/Low-Code connector builder for source connectors


Hello guys, can you confirm if i can use No-Code/Low-Code connector builder just for Source ?

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Yes, you can use Airbyte’s low-code framework to build source connectors for REST APIs. This can be done either via the connector builder UI or by modifying boilerplate YAML files via terminal or text editor. The connector builder UI is particularly recommended for iterating on your low-code connectors. It’s suitable if you want to integrate with a JSON-based HTTP API as a source of records and the API you want to integrate with doesn’t exist yet as a connector in the connector catalog. However, please note that the low-code framework is currently in beta, which means it’s still in active development and may include backward-incompatible changes. For more details, you can refer to the Connector Builder UI Overview and Low-code Connector Development Overview.