Airbyte connectors configuration data storage using octavia

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: NO

  • OS Version / Instance: Ubuntu 22.04

  • Memory / Disk: 8 gb/ 128 GB

  • Deployment: Are you using Docker or Kubernetes deployment? yes Docker

  • Airbyte Version: 0.40.17

  • Source name/version: google sheets

  • Destination name/version: s3

  • Step: The issue is happening while downloading airbyte connector configuartion using octavia

  • Description: Hi team,
    I’ve installed the docker & airbyte set up

once we use docker-compose up & got our airbyte UI in localhost:8000, its running fine, I’m able to create sources , destinations , connections.
but when I try to store the configurations of all the airbyte connectors using Octavia: sources , destinations I’m able to download & keep a track.
but when I try to store connection information . I’m facing issue , its raising this when I use the command :

octavia import connection [connection-ID]

error: TypeError: _from_openapi_data() missing 3 required positional arguments: ‘schema_change’, ‘notify_schema_changes’, and ‘non_breaking_changes_preference’
Is there a version issue or any other

Hi @dheeraj, could you please try octavia import connection <connection name> instead of ID?

yup, its working I’m able to store them.
but again when I try to upload back the configuration on a new airbyte instance using octavia apply , I’m getting this error :

airbyte_api_client.exceptions.ApiTypeError: Invalid type for variable ‘non_breaking_changes_preference’. Required value type is NonBreakingChangesPreference and passed type was str at [‘non_breaking_changes_preference’]

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Same for me.

Seems i have reached a dead end. I created quite a few sources and connections on a Helm-managed Kubernetes instance. Airbyte stopped working on that cluster (a test cluster, so not a big deal), so I wanted to export my config using Octavia CLI and import it into a new instance.

I think this is probably due to version skew between Airbyte and Octavia CLI.

@dheeraj: Make sure that the Octavia CLI version exactly matches the Airbyte version, i.e. in my case, the most recent Airbyte version is v0.40.17, but the CLI was already v0.40.18.


yes @sphr2k , I’ve tried with this version, its working now for importing the configuring data.

are you facing issue while applying that?
i.e. octavia apply command

@sphr2k thanks so much for pointing that out - I was not aware of this detail!