Airbyte-workday-singer connector

I’m trying to build a source-workday-singer connector. After I generated the empty connector and run ‘pip install -r requirements.txt’, it alwasy ended with ResolutionTooDeep error while ‘Collecting airbyte-cdk~=0.1.56’ that is defined as MAIN_REQUIREMENTS in on my local and remote server. How can I modify the file to restrict the constraints?

And on the server it also has this SyntxError

I’m running it using Python3.10.1 Does this latest version matter?

Are you using pyenv if not please install it and create a virtual env with the correct python version to run the connector. The read me created by the generator has some instructions there.

I installed pyenv on local, but not on the server. I think that’s why. Thank you!
Do you know something about the ‘ResolutionTooDeep’ error?