Data Syncing Issue with Airbyte and Error Message Cache Lookup Failed


Data syncing issue with Airbyte affecting connections to Facebook Marketing and AWS S3 with destination AWS Redshift. Error message ‘cache lookup failed for function 4981’ observed on 31st December, 2023. Questioning if the issue is with Airbyte or Redshift and seeking solutions.


Hello Everyone,

I am from the Data Science team in Ketto and we use Airbyte to move data primarily from two sources: Facebook Marketing and AWS S3 with destination being AWS Redshift. From 31st December, 2023, most of our connections on airbyte have stopped syncing with error message:
“internalMessage=cache lookup failed for function 4981,externalMessage=Normalization failed during the dbt run. This may indicate a problem with the data”.

A similar issue, again from 31st December, has been noticed in our Tableau extract refresh for multiple dashboards with the same error message: “cache lookup failed for function 4981”

Is this an airbyte problem or a redshift problem? (looks like a redshift problem as two external applications have the same error message)
Has anyone faced this issue before and what was the solution that you had implemented to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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