Error launching Airbyte OSS locally


Error message indicates a timeout waiting for database migration and a relation does not exist in the database


Hi team,
Just cloned Airbyte OSS and tried to launch locally, getting this error on:
ERROR i.m.r.Micronaut(handleStartupException):338 - Error starting Micronaut server: io.airbyte.db.check.DatabaseCheckException: Timeout while waiting for database to fulfill minimum flyway migration version..

airbyte-server                    | org.jooq.exception.DataAccessException: SQL [select * from "public"."organization" left outer join "public"."sso_config" on "public"."organization"."id" = "public"."sso_config"."organization_id" where "public"."organization"."id" = cast(? as uuid)]; ERROR: relation "public.organization" does not exist```
Any ideas why?



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