Google Ads Source Connector Incremental Sync Issue


The user is facing an issue with the Google Ads source connector where it does not keep track of the current state ( during incremental append sync. The connector synchronizes all data within the defined date range every time, causing overhead. The user is looking for a solution to sync only the last N days of data. The user has observed that the connector emits a state message but the state is not persisted.


hi guys! I’m trying to use google ads source connector. but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t keep track of current stated ( The problem for me is that every time connector runs incremental append sync, it synchronises all data for range defined in (Start Date/End Date) source parameters. This is a bit overhead for me, as my start date is 2019 and syncing this much data every time will take way too much time. ideally connector should sync last N days, but not entire range. is it possible to solve somehow? I clearly see that connector emits state message
{"type": "STATE", "state": {"type": "STREAM", "stream": {"stream_descriptor": {"name": "custom_ga_query", "namespace": null}, "stream_state": {"REDACTED": {"": "2024-03-28"}}}, "sourceStats": {"recordCount": 54}}}
but in the end state is not persisted

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