Troubleshooting sync issue with Google Ads source and S3 destination connectors


The user is experiencing an issue where the data sync from a Google Ads source connector to an S3 destination connector is not uploading data as expected. The specified date range and S3 path do not match the actual upload in the logs.


This keeps happening; which is very strange. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot; I was able to find a connection that is hooked up to a google ads source connector + an s3 destination connector: the source connector is pulling data from 2018-12-25 to 2018-12-30 and the destination S3 path has been set to ${NAMESPACE}/01HKAZ2XDJMPTS7B2BZ64NE6YW/20181225T040000Z-20181230T040000Z and yet, when I run this sync manually, i see from the logs it uploads to :

2023-12-07 23:08:02 destination > INFO i.a.i.d.s.S3StorageOperations(uploadRecordsToBucket):131 Successfully loaded records to stage airbyte-raw/e08bdcbe-93c0-451d-be37-10b92c78dc48/01HGV4RG6GSNRDK5B3DKY3JPT8/managed_connection/historic/01HH37CZV00Z3D5T9TVRV7P014/20211204T160000Z-20211209T160000Z/Orders/2023__12__07__1701989944622__ with 0 re-attempt(s)

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