How to update CDK?


I’d like to use IncrementalMixin to create an incremental stream for one of my connectors. I am currently using an older version of the CDK which would not allow IncrementalMixin to be imported but I can see that that bug is now fixed in the latest version.

My question is simply how is it best for me to update the CDK without breaking any of my code for existing connectors?

Thanks for your help!

Hey when you build a new version image for the connector it should take the latest version of CDK.

You can check this by building a new local docker image and try running it as a custom connector.

Do reach out here if you need any help on the above mentioned steps

Thanks @harshith , just to check does building the new docker image also cause an update in the local files in the Airbyte folder on my local machine?

As I understand, the local files (e.g. those in airbyte/airbyte_cdk ) will need to be updated in order to run the python read ... commands? (for example if I want to run python read --config sample_files/config.json --catalog sample_files/configured_catalog.json)

Hey, you build the connector using docker and use it as a custom connector in the airbyte? Is this something doable?

Yes that’s doable. But I’m just wondering whether there is a way to update the local CDK files too.

The ability to use the commands in the command line is a really useful part of the development process and having to build a docker image each time makes the dev process a lot less efficient.

To update the local files can I just replace the airbyte_cdk folder in my local machine with the latest one from GitHub, or is there an automated way to do it?

Hey yeah you can probably merge the latest master and that should take care of it

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