Intercom stream [conversation] does not replicates complete data

I am trying to sync Intercom using “Conversation” stream but it always skips the first conversation. Like as in this case I have 58 conversations but it returns 57.

Logs for the sync are attached
Destination : Redshift
Airbyte Version : 0.40.06
Stream Replicated : conversations
Transformation : Normalization
logs-839.txt (71.5 KB)

Hey @wisamulHaque,
A few things:

  1. Could you please make sure Airbyte and the connectors are up to date - this could fix the issue and also prevent future ones :slight_smile:

  2. Could you please give me an example file of the conversations so I can test the connector? Ideally I’d like to see a file like airbyte-integrations/connectors/source-intercom/integrationtests/expectedrecords.txt in this PR:

I think the issue is in how the Intercom source connector orders and sorts the logs, one of the conversations gets sorted out. This could probably be a quick fix.