Issue connecting to Postgres instance as Airbyte destination with SSL configurations


When trying to connect a Postgres instance as an Airbyte destination with SSL configurations (verify-full), receiving ‘FATAL: connection requires a valid client certificate’ error despite using the same SSL key/certificate and database configurations as when connecting as a source.


I have a postgres instance running on a public ec2. I have enabled ssl configurations (verify-full) so that client is required to provide a valid certificate for making a connection. Connection is successful using psql client
psql " dbname=tsdb user=postgres sslmode=verify-full sslcert=./client.crt sslkey=./client.key sslrootcert=./ca.crt"
Similarly when I connect to the same database instance as airbyte source, connection remain successful. But when I try to connect this database instance as airbyte destination with same ssl key/certificate it fails and gives the following error. In both cases, I am using ‘verify-full’ with same ssl certificate/key and same db configurations (host, db, user).
State code: 28000; Message: FATAL: connection requires a valid client certificate
Any suggestions ?

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