Lag data in Google search console source

Hi Folks,

We have been using Google search console source for over a month and recently we notice a lag in the latest data available (around 3 -4 days) we tried setting up a new source with the same account and still the raw data load was till 6th Nov 2022 on 10th Nov 2022.

Could someone help to explain on this lag?

Airbyte version - 0.40.15
Source: Search console version - 0.1.18
Destination: Snowflake version - 0.4.38

Hey @mukulg-df, let me look into this and I’ll get back to you!

Hey, Any pointers on the query?

@natalyjazzviolin please help on the above.

My apologies for the delay in response - we’re a small team and have gotten a larger than normal amount of messages over the course of November. Could you please give me the logs you’re getting so I can look through them? Also, would you be able to upgrade Airbyte? Upgrading has a slim chance of fixing issues like this, but it might help. Thanks so much for your patience!