Pardot source connector not found in the UI even though the code is in the repo

Am I using a wrong version of Airbyte? I鈥檓 only using the docker-compose.yaml and .env file for deployment. Which version of Airbyte has Pardot included? Currently on version 0.35.66-alpha.

Thank you!

Hey @Jing we didn鈥檛 have the credentials to test thus we have not added this to our source list but feel free to clone the repo and build the source.

You can go to the source folder and then

  1. docker build . -t airbyte/source-pardot:0.1.0
  2. You can use the above image to add in your airbyte as a custom source

Hi @harshith that works! Thank you. On a separate note, is there a way to update a custom source or destination? Do I rebuild it with the image with a new tag and update the version number in the UI?

Is there a way to remove a custom source?


Hey, @Jing yeah you can update by creating a newly tagged image and then update it in the UI.

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