Stripe connector

Regarding Stripe connector,
In the docs it says:

Note on Incremental Syncs
The Stripe API does not allow querying objects which were updated since the last sync. Therefore, this connector uses the created field to query for new data in your Stripe account.

But under Features section it says:

|Incremental - Append Sync|Yes|
|Incremental - Dedupe Sync|Yes|

The question is: if the connector does not allow querying objects which were updated since the last sync, how does it defined as Incremental - Append Sync and Incremental - Dedupe Sync “yes”?

Hey @datayoshi that is managed by Lookback Window (in days) which is taken from the config. So in the code we pull data for the last (lookback) days using created at and dedup them

Thanks @harshith ,
so Airbyte allows Incremental sync, although Stipe API does not allow it by design

Yeah basically we did do this with the help of lookback window config

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