Stripe connector to also update modified records

The Stripe connector isn’t very useful, since it doesn’t update records that were modified.
Yes, there is the “always update records created max N days ago”, but that honestly doesn’t cut it, as some of my records get updated 6 months afterwards. No, changing how we operate isn’t the right solution, having the connector to know which items were modified is.

In Stripe API, there is the ‘Events’ stream. That stream includes records for everything that has happened, chronologically. The connector could query that stream since the most recent sync signpost and use the info there to know which items to query for update. It would be slow, but it would work.

(FYI. This is a must-have for me, and while I would love to implement the solution myself and do a pull request, I am running Meltano and the connector there works as described above. I’d like to use only one tool and neither Meltano or Airbyte is 100% perfect yet with their connectors.)

Hello @ilkkapeltola, please open a feature request for this. Even if you don’t currently have time to contribute, perhaps you or someone else will in the future. Here are the guidelines for opening a feature request. Thanks!