Trouble with setting event_uid in custom connector


The user is facing issues when trying to set the event_uid parameter in a custom connector for the idloom API. The tests are failing in Airbyte, but the same API calls work fine in the terminal. The user is looking for help to understand why setting event_uid is causing an error in Airbyte.


Hi team, this is my first time building out a custom connector and I’m seeing some behaviour that I’m struggling to understand.

I’m using the no code builder, and trying to build against the <|idloom API,> specifically the get attendees method. In this method either event_uid or guest_uid must be set, but for some reason all my tests are failing when I try and set event_uid in airbyte (despite the same call working fine in terminal).

I can run both of the following in my terminal, and get results:

 --url '<>' \
 --header 'Accept: application/json' \
 --header 'Authorization: Bearer [my_token]'```
```curl --request GET \
 --url '<>' \
 --header 'Accept: application/json' \
 --header 'Authorization: Bearer [my_token]'```
I can get the same results in airbyte by setting a query parameter with key `guest_uid` and value `62de54755f8e4` , but as soon as I try to replicate the same with key `event_uid` I get an error starting:
```Something went wrong in the connector. See the logs for more details.```
I can't then see the logs, but can someone help me understand what is happening? Is event_uid a key that I can't use in a query for some reason? How do I get around this?



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just to add further to this, it’s not consistent behaviour, it only happens for some of my event_uid s. I get 400 errors when I do get errors but I don’t really understand why the cURL is succeeding when airbyte isn’t. What is airbyte doing that cURL isn’t?

I’ve had similar experience. From the UI, with custom schema, I get errors in the Test, ERROR
Client error : 400 Bad Request
But after I release new version, schema works as it should after sync, just test does not work.

I think in my instance the API that I’m using is very badly made and the responses don’t have a consistent structure. In this instance I think Airbyte could have some better error messages, but no one from their team appears to have even read this post so :shrug: