Unit Testing for custom python connector

Hello Team,

I’m looking forward to submitting one more PR for a net new integrations.
I ran these the following tests for the python custom connector,

  1. ./gradlew airbyte-integrations:connectors:source-zenefits:unitTest

and these were my outputs.
Is this enough for the PR to get approved or do I need to run some more tests?

If I need to run more tests, which tests are needed to run?

You need to run acceptance tests, check the connector README file and check this docs: https://docs.airbyte.com/connector-development/source-acceptance-tests-reference

Thank you for the reply.

I ran those source acceptance tests as per the docs given.
This is what I got.
Is this is what is expected for the PR?

It’s a start, please check other connectors source-acceptance-test file to see other tests and how they apply it.

@marcosmarxm Thank you

Hey team,

is there any alternative to ./gradlew airbyte-integrations:connectors:source-python:integrationTest? if Yes, can you share some insight with regards to it?

You must run gradlew from the root folder and change source-python for source-zenefits. Or you can run docker build . --no-cache -t airbyte/source-zendesk-support:dev
&& python -m pytest -p source_acceptance_test.plugin

inside the connector folder.

Hey Team,

As mentioned,
I ran the
docker build . --no-cache -t airbyte/source-zenefits:dev
python -m pytest -p source_acceptance_test.plugin

I have attached my screenshot, for the above two commands?

let me know if this is what is expected for the PR?

Sorry the delay Makwana, yes this is the expected result.