EC2 to EKS migration

Hey there,
I have an EC2 Airbyte setup. We are moving over the setup to EKS. I would like to move all the configuration and data from EC2 to EKS. Could someone guide me on this? I tried taking a dump and restoring, doesnt seem to succeed.

Hey what are those problems you see in dumping the data ideally that should work

I did it from one EC2 to another, worked out fine. EC2 to EKS psql restore ran but the instance didnt show the Connectors. Also, additional question on how to expose the webapp over the external ip. It doesnt seem to work out of the box

Hey for the external ip you can create ingress.yaml

apiVersion: Ingressmetadata: name: airbyte-ingress annotations: '{"default": "config-default"}' aribyte managed-cert "gce"spec: rules: - host: airbyte.<domain>.in http: paths: - backend: service: name: airbyte-webapp-svc port: number: 80 path: /* pathType: ImplementationSpecific

this is for GKE but you can create something similar to this in EKS also

For the EKS thing what is that you could see after you load the data any error?

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