Error on Sync from GA to S3 via lakeFS in Airbyte Cloud

Hello! I’m setting up a sync from Google Analytics to S3 on Airbyte Cloud. I also have an instance of lakeFS running so I’m setting the endpoint URL to my lakeFS server.

I get the following error message with no logs when trying to set up the destination

The connection tests failed.

Could not connect to the S3 bucket with the provided configuration. Not Found (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 404; Error Code: 404 Not Found; Request ID: null; S3 Extended Request ID: null; Proxy: null)

Is there an known issue in Airbyte cloud with setting the endpoint_url in an S3 destination?

Hi @paulwnuts,
Do you mind reaching our technical support on the Airbyte cloud online chat?
It looks like your custom endpoint URL is not reachable from the cloud instance. Is this endpoint URL reachable from the internet?

Thank you for the reply @alafanechere. Will use the chat. I am pretty sure the endpoint URL is public.