How to add fields in the UI of a source

I’m creating a connection between Jira and S3, I need to retrieve information about users from Jira, but the file generated in the S3 recipient contains only 50 records, which is the default maxResults of the query as per the Jira documentation (https://developer. What should I do to modify the Jira source creation UI, adding fields so that it is possible to specify parameters like this (maxResult, startAt), taking into account that I am running Airbyte here locally here at localhost:8000 /?

Hi and welcome to the community, @Antonio_Neto! To add UI fields you’d need to modify the spec.json file in the Jira source connector. To make them functional you’d probably need to make some changes to how the users stream is read. If you’re comfortable submitting a PR, please feel free! Does this answer your question?